Location: 460 Cokato St. W. Cokato, MN 55321 (Highway 12)

SAT., SEPT. 11, 2021
Starting a 10:00 a.m.

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: We are so excited for this fantastic auction. After collecting for more than 50 years, Merlin and Nyla are moving and will be offering their personal collection to the highest bidders at live auction. This will be the largest Red Wing collection we have sold in over 15 years of business. You do not want to miss this event. No buyer’s premium. We are excited to see you on the 11th. This will be one of two auctions for Merlin & Nyla. The next auction will take place onsite October 1st and the Real Estate will be sold as well. Some of the items pictured in this listing could be sold on the second auction due to the large amount of inventory. If you are planning on driving a long distance for a certain item please call to make sure we have it onsite.


Vintage original Dodge pedal car (very nice, pic coming soon)
Red Wing Christmas tree stand
40 Gallon Red Wing crock
(3) Red Wing butter churns
(3) Union better churns
5 gal Red Wing churn 3” oval 6” wing
5 gal Red Wing canning jar w/lid & hardware
3 gal Bee hive
5 gal Bee hive
(3) Bee hive jugs 5, 4, 3 3”
25 gal Red Wing crock with both handles
Red Wing 8, 10, 12 gal crocks with 6” wings
6 gal Red Wing crock 4” wing both handles
Red Wing 15 & 20 gal crocks with 6” wing and handles
Red Wing 30 gal 6” wing
Red Wing 5 gal jug with funnel top
4 gal Union jug with birch leaves
4 gal Red Wing jug
5 gal beehive 6” wing 3” oval
3, 4, 5 gallon stoneware jugs
2 Red Wing barrel pitcher – 1 larger barrel pitcher
2 & 3 gal Red Wing crocks
(2) Non- marked butter churns
(7) Dazey churns
Many advertising crocks & jugs (harder to find)
(2) Redwing crock feeders
(2) Cherry band pitchers
5 gal Red Wing 6” wing 3” oval
2, 3, 4 gal salt glaze
5 gal bee hive with double handles
2 gal Ft. Dodge Pottery
Water bowl Ideal Equip.
4 & 5 gal koverwate
2 gal chicken feeder
(2) 1 & gal jugs with wing brown top 2- 2” wing 1 – 4” wing
(3) Bottom marked Red Wing bowls
5 & 8 gal Red Wing crocks – 6” wing 3” oval
Red Wing advertising – greeting Waconia sponge bath
3 gal water cooler St. Paul Book & Stationary
Oil can CR Railroad
20lb butter crock Red Wing
10 Gal Red Wing 6” wing 3” oval
2 Gal Red Wing birch leaf
4 Gal Red Wing elephant ear
8 Gal Red Wing elephant ear with oval
3 Gal Red Wing jug
Set – 3, 4, 5 Gal. shoulder jugs Red Wing
3 Gal. Water cooler with lid pre 1920 bottom / inside marked
4 Gal. Water cooler with button lid pre 1920
5 Gal. water cooler
2 Gal. Red Wing reverse wing
3 Ga. Red Wing elephant ear
Many shoulder jugs
North Star comp. bottom marked 1 Ga. with lid
Red Wing 5 & 6 gal. elephant ears with ovals
Red Wing 3 gal. elephant ear with oval
Red Wing feeders (3) 2 & 1 gal.
Red Wing foot warmer
Perfection Mfg. Co.
2 Gal. Blueband stoneware jug
Many bottom marked jugs
Red Wing various sizes of 1888 fruit jars
Boy Scout first aid kit (complete 1939)
Old metal bottles & jars
#3 Griswold cast iron
Wagner cast iron pan 8”
More cast iron
Red Wing handles
Wagner cast iron ash tray
Milk tester
Coffee grinder (wall mount)
Powder flask
(3) Sets of bottom marked band jugs
5 set MN stoneware jugs bottom marked
Many vintage yard sticks
Miniature oil cans
Iron planter
Acid jars with lid
Full set of blue cherry band pitchers
Cast Dutch oven
Yellow – blue Northstar bowl
1 qt Red Wing Stoneware Co.
Kenwood sorghum cutter
2 gal Red Wing crock 3” sku – lid
Red Wing feeder
2 gal Buckley
Many jugs
(2) 3 gal crocks
Many 3-6 gallon Red Wing crocks. Some marked and some unmarked
Red Wing 2 gallon Wing only
Nail kegs
Bed warmers
Wooden spool collection
Old tripod
Too many items to list!!!!

See You At The Auction!


(2) Tobacco cutters

Razer straps

Milk scales

Many scales

Oil bottles

Red Griswold #9 frying pan

Underwood typewriter

Watts ware

Pair of very nice Aladdin lamps

The Oliver typewriter

Vintage mail boxes

Coffee grinders

(2) Large metal Dazey butter churns


10 Button lid
4 gal pantry jar lid blue bands
10 bar lid
3 gal Red Wing lid
Red Wing 2 ga. tear drop
2 Unmarked glaze lids
15 gal Red Wing lid
1 Gal crock lid
4 & 5 gal butter churn lid
Butter churn lid
3 gal water cooler lid
10 gal soft glaze lid
12 gal button lid
20 gal button lid


Secretary desk

Roll top desk / two piece with key

Spool cabinet

Jelly cabinets
Wooden barrel washing machine
Music cabinet
Vintage work table with Craftsman vise (this piece is nice)
Primitive bench
Green dry sink / cupboard

The Collection of
Merlin & Nyla Eggersgluess


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