How do you get the best prices available for your real or personal property? Have an auction! We'll help you market your property throughout a wide area to get the most potential buyers to the auction. We will market your auction via the Internet, newspapers, auction posters, signs, mailings, and good, old-fashioned word of mouth!
   We are a young, energetic, and enthusiastic full-service auction company. We are equipped to conduct different types of auctions such as real estate, farm machinery, antiques and collectibles, estates, and charity auctions.
   We hold fast-paced, exciting auctions which hold the buyers' attention - and let them get on their way without having to spend an entire day waiting for a certain item to be sold.
   As a seller, an auction is a fast, fun, and financially rewarding way to sell your real or personal property. Auctions are a great way to convert your assets into cash.
   Give us a call for all your auction needs! With personalized service, we will listen to your needs first...then our auction team will handle the advertising, set-up, and other details to carry out your successful auction. We use a portable, wireless sound system and are completely mobile. Your property can be sold at your place, or you can bring items to one of our consignment sales held locally. Transportation is available in enclosed trailer or flatbeds, if needed.