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Tips for browsing the
"Midwest Auctions" web site.

1. To go to any of the participating auctioneers "home page", select the "Auction Company Title" from the drop-down menu and then click the go button OR to view the complete list (sorted alphabetically) with owners name, location and "current auction" indicator (red or green dots), click the appropriate red letter combination (A-G, H-O or P-Z) from the black bar located below the drop-down menu.
2. Once at their "home page", a list of all their upcoming auctions will be listed on the left side of the page.
3. Click on any of the sale dates to take you to the complete sale bill for that date.
4. To print a sale bill, click on the button located at the top of all sale bills. or (in some browsers), right click on the sale bill and select print or left click once on the sale bill and then the print icon at the top of your browser.
5. To take you back to the "Midwest Auctions Home Page", click on the "Midwest Auctions Icon" in the upper right hand corner of each "auctioneers home page".

Tips for speeding up your search
of the "Midwest Auctions" site.

1. To search all of the auction sales for a specific item on the Midwest Auctions site, click the "Search" button on the left to take you to the "Search Page".
2. After you have entered the "Search Page", enter the word of any item that you would like to find (one item at a time) and then click search.
3. The results will  then show you which of the auction sales contain the item you are searching for, sorted by "auctioneer and date".
4. Click on the sale date to take you to the sale you wish to go to.
5. To further your search once you are on any "sale bill pages", you can push the "Crtl & F" buttons at the same time to get the "find box" to open up.
6. In the "find box", you can enter the word that you have searched for and it will show you where on the sale bill it is located.

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